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A Locomotive in El Paso, Texas

El Paso, Texas, has some interesting architecture, including its train station, as I discovered while dropping off a friend. I can’t recall where she was going. Wherever it was, it was easier to get there by train. Looking back, it was a fun afternoon. We stopped for lunch when we got to town, then I took her to the station. It would be sometime before her train arrived, we walked around the building. It was like going back it time. I took a few test shots with my iPhone, but I didn’t have my good camera with me.

I returned a few weeks later, As I was walking around a big locomotive stopped right in front of me. We’ve all seen big locomotives, but seeing one up close was a treat. 

Some images simply look better in black and white. Especially when you have something big and dark in the foreground. It makes the contrast really pop. In this case, the background was light brown. It made the color image look a little dull. However, in black and white, the dull backgroundreally sets off the locomotive. It also gives the image a nostalgic feel. People are so used to color photography, thanks to iPhones and social media. However, black and white photography is an art form in itself which I think is often overlooked. 

Gayle Martin

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