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A Mountain Highway in Arizona

A Mountain Highway in Southern Arizona. Circa 2015.

Pima County, in southern Arizona, offers a variety of different landscapes. While mostly Sonoran desert, it’s also the home of two national parks, as well as the Coronado National Forest. Mount Lemmon, north of Tucson, has an elevation of over 9000 feet. It’s the highest mountain in southern Arizona. It also has a variety of microclimates from its desert base to the Ponderosa pine forest at the top. It even has a ski area. 

I had a good friend back in Tucson who was also a serious photographer. From time to time we’d grab our cameras and go on photography excursions, including Mount Lemmon. The Mount Lemmon highway is one of the most scenic roads in southern Arizona. It offers plenty of spots where you can stop and take a photo. Unfortunately, it’s also problematic. While indeed beautiful spots, everyone and their brother stops there to take photos. My friend and I prefer to look for more unique locations. 

One day we  found once such spot, about halfway to the top. Thankfully, there wasn’t much traffic that day, so we quickly grabbed our cameras and hopped out of the car. I ran across the road and got a nice shot next to the guardrail. It has the perfect combination of foreground, middle ground and background, giving it a lot of depth. There were also just enough clouds in the sky to make it interesting. After snapping a few quick shots I hustled back across the road before a big truck came up behind me. It’s funny how I sometimes get amazing photos, “on the fly.” Maybe it’s because I don’t have time to overthink things. 

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