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Alamo Alleyway in San Antonio

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I decided to play hooky last week, so I snuck out of town for a mini vacation to San Antonio. I enjoy history, and the Alamo is most certainly a notable Texas historic site. I also tried out a “new” camera while I was there, and I got a few nice shots. In fact, they came out better than I expected.

I’ve recently upgraded to the new iPhone 15 Pro. I’ve been hearing lot about how much iPhone cameras have improved, they certainly have. Even Jim, my good friend and fellow photographer in Tucson, talked about the iPhone 15. That was amazing. I never thought I would ever hear Jim recommend an iPhone camera. 

San Antonio. however, had some challenges I wasn’t expecting, including the weather. It was super hot. Mind you, I was born and raised in Phoenix. I know hot, although I never fully understood what people meant when they said, “It’s a dry heat.” I do now! The temps in San Antonio where in the high eighties and low nineties with very high humidity. Yikes! The other issue was the crowds. It’s a popular tourist destination, so the Alamo was very, very crowded.

We’ve all seen pictures of the Alamo.  So many, that the main building is almost a visual cliche. My challenge as a fine art photographer was to photograph a different part of the Alamo. One you don’t often see, and I found the perfect spot. A nice, shady alleyway, right off the main building. A family of tourists was kind enough to let me get a couple of shots before they made their exit. The result was an image with interesting lights, shadows, and textures with an emphasis on the one-point perspective. All this, from an iPhone camera. Who knew, right? 

Okay, I have to let you in on a little secret. There have been many times over the years when I’ve gotten great shots from an iPhone camera. I don’t take my photo equipment with me everywhere I go, and sometimes I would stumble on something interesting. That’s when the iPhone camera came in handy. Remember, the camera is only a tool. It’s only as good as the person standing behind it. 

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