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An Old Texas Lighthouse

An Old Lighthouse in Galveston, Texas. Circa 1979. A digitally restored 35 mm photo.

Here is another trip down memory lane, courtesy of my old Nikkormat FT3 35mm camera. I had purchased the camera two years before for a college photography course. Little did I know it would become my go-to camera for nearly four decades.

I was living in Houston, Texas, in 1979, and had made friends with the young couple who lived in the apartment next door. One sunny Saturday morning they invited me along on an all day fishing trip down to Galveston. I grabbed my camera and hopped in the car, and off we went. Galveston was a scenic little town, and we spent most of the day on the pier. My neighbors caught a nice flounder to take home, while I got a nice sunburn. I was so excited about my day trip that I completely forgot to bring it along. 

It was late afternoon when we were making our way down the causeway back to the mainland, and I happened to see this interesting old lighthouse. Not bad for a photo I had to snap out a car window. Sometimes you have to do photography on the run. Meantime I can’t help but wonder if that old lighthouse is still there. 

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