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Cloudcroft Excursion

This past July I sold my home in Tucson, Arizona, (sort of like Jojo in that old Beatles song,) and moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico. In the middle of a heat wave, in the middle of a pandemic. Yep, it’s how I roll. I bought a lovely home with an amazing view of the Organ Mountains, and now that I’m all unpacked and settled, it’s time to grab my camera and go do some outdoor photography.

New Mexico is similar to Arizona with its varied climates, and now that we’re getting into fall I wanted to take a day trip somewhere where the leaves were turning, so Cloudcroft was the perfect spot. It reminded me of Flagstaff, but on a much smaller scale as there are no Interstates connecting through it. In fact, the road to Cloudcroft is a scenie two-lane highway which winds its way through the mountains. One of the more notable landmarks is the Mexican Canyon Trestle. This railroad bridge was built in 1899 and was in service until 1947. For a bridge that’s been out of service for over seventy years it’s in remarkably good condition. I guess they really did build things to last back then. 

Gayle Martin

© 2020 by Gayle Martin. All Rights Reserved.
© 2020 by Gayle Martin. All Rights Reserved.

The Toy Train Depot in Alamogordo.

© 2020 by Gayle Martin. All Rights Reserved.