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European Crossroads Vintage Shots

Restoring my old 35mm photos has been a fun trip down memory lane. This series, circa 1980, features the European Crossroads Chopping Center, which was located near Bachman Lake in Dallas, Texas. At the time I was going to an art school which was also a tenant at the European Crossroads. 

Dallas gets a little snow in the winter, but not too much. It really doesn’t accumulate, and it melts away fairly quickly, usually within a day, but it sure it sure looks pretty when it’s freshly fallen. As luck would have it, a system came though on a Saturday night, so Sunday morning I grabbed my camera and rushed out the door.

The European Crossroads Shopping Center was within walking distance of my apartment. I was there within minutes and I tried to get as many shots of the shopping center, as well as Bachman Lake, as I could before too much snow melted off. Unfortunately, this was back in my staving student days, and I was shooting film, so I was only able to get a few shots. But, as everyone photographer knows, it’s all about getting that one amazing shot. Lucky for me, I got three.

I only lived is Dallas for a few years, and I left for good in 1983. With all the years that have passed I got curious as I was editing my photos, so I went online and did a little research. The art college I attended is no longer there, although there is another school with a similar name but with different owners. I also discovered that The European Crossroads shopping center was demolished in 2011. How sad. The European Crossroads was a lovely piece of architecture.

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Gayle Martin


© 2020 by Gayle Martin. All Rights Reserved.
© 2020 by Gayle Martin. All Rights Reserved.