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Feathery Saguaro Sunset

Feathery Saguaro Sunset. Circa 1019

Sunset is the magic hour for photographers. The day is over, while the night has yet to fall. The clouds create vivid colors in the sky and the lingering daylight can create interesting lights and shadows, including silhouettes. This is why sundown is my favorite time of the day.

I’m an Arizona native who has lived in the Sonoran desert for much of my life. Rare plants, including the majestic Saguaro Cactus, thrive in the Sonoran desert. Saguaro cactus can only be found in parts of Arizona and northern Mexico. Mature plants can be at tall as forty feet with branches to give each one it’s own, unique shape. For photographers, they are amazing subject matter. 

On of my Tucson friends was also a photographer. From time to time we would grab our cameras and go explore the desert. We spent one such afternoon hiking the desert outside of Tucson, where I got some beautiful shots. We also kept our fingers crossed, hoping for a good sunset. I guess it must have worked. As the sun came down, we had the right amount of cloud cover to work with. I captured an amazing saguaro silhouette with interesting cloud cover. Good photography requires skill, and a certain amount of luck to go with it.

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