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Golden Dunes at White Sands

One of the cool perks I had when I was living in New Mexico was having so much beautiful scenery. I took several trips to White Sands National Park. It’s a unique location to photograph, but it’s also challenging. It’s a popular place, so it’s always crowded. Unfortunately, people can, and will, walk into the middle of your shot. Sometimes by accident. Other times on purpose.

Another big challenge was all the footprints in the sand. I learned, through trial and error, to go on windy days. The wind is like a magic eraser. It quickly removes unwanted footprints. The other thing learned is patience. I would stake out a place I liked and stay there. If you wait long enough, you’ll get the perfect shot. Such is a case with this photo. The late afternoon sun made the white sand look golden. 

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Gayle Martin


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