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Hunt’s Tomb and Papago Park.

Hunt’s Tomb at Papago Park. Tempe, Arizona. 1978. A digitally restored 35mm photo.
This vintage 35 mm photo goes back to my college photography class at ASU. Our first assignment was to purchase a 35mm SLR camera, so I bought a Nikkormat FT3, which I used for decades.
I took Photography 101, Intro to Photography. We had a new assignment each week, and we could only shoot in black and white. My film of choice was Kodak Plus-X Pan Film. It was a nice, medium speed film which, sadly, is no longer made. Once we shot our photos, we had to develop the film ourselves and make our on prints in the college dark room. It was so much fun! I would go into the darkroom on Sunday afternoons, and I would lose all track of time.
My Plus-X negatives have really stood the test of time. When I digitally scanned them decades later they came out perfectly and only needed minor editing.
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