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Lake Havasu Marina Reflections

As a photographer, I look for the things most people either take for granted or never notice. Things like reflections. To me, they are very interesting, and they make interesting photos.

I was living in Tucson, Arizona before the pandemic, and from time to time I’d go up to Lake Havasu City for a change of scenery. I always went during the week. The rates were cheaper. It was also much quieter, and oftentimes the hotel would upgrade my room when I checked in. I always stayed at The London Bridge Resort. It’s right on the lake and right next to the bridge. It also has great amenities, including it’s own marina. 

Having grown up in Phoenix, I remember all the hoopla on the local news about Robert McCulloch purchasing the London Bridge, but for whatever reason, my family never went there. Most likely it was because the rest of the area hadn’t been developed yet, so you were kind of out in the boonies. Years later, a friend an fellow photographer visited Lake Havasu. It had grown considerably, and he shot a nice video of his trip. As soon as I saw it I had an “aha!” moment. It wasn’t if, but when, I went to Lake Havasu and shot my own photos. 

I took at least three trips to Lake Havasu, if not more, and I took many photos. Lake Havasu is a photographer’s paradise, and I went to several areas which were only accessible by boat. This photo, however, was taken shortly after I arrived on my first visit. As soon as I checked into my room I grabbed my camera and off I went. It was late afternoon, so I had the golden afternoon light. This photo of the London Bridge Resort marina was taken from the London Bridge itself.  

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Gayle Martin


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