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Saguaro Adventures

I know I haven’t been around this blog lately, although I have been having some new photography adventures. I love to travel, and a photography excursion is the perfect excuse to take a trip. However, in light of current events, I’ve had to curtail my traveling, so I’ve rediscovered the… 0

Old School Photography

As I mentioned in my earlier post, The 35mm Project, I finally invested in a film scanner and have been creating digital files from my old negatives, including some of the old black and white negatives from my college photography course. For reasons that make no sense to me today,… 0

The 35mm Project

© 2019 by Gayle Martin.  All Rights Reserved. As some of you know, I’ve been doing photography for most of my life. At the risk of dating myself, I’ll admit to having used film cameras much longer than digital cameras. Like many “old school” photographers, I was skeptical of digital… 0