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The Atlantis Resort at Nassau

This photo is one of my personal favorites. It was taken in Nassau, the Bahamas, in 2012. I was traveling with my good friend, Cynthia, who’s also a writer, as well as my book editor. She writes pirate fiction, among other things, and Nassau had a pirate museum. Seeing it was on her to-do list, but first we would be taking a short tour. Carmine, our tour guide, was a character in himself. He had the same twisted sense of humor we had, and he didn’t take himself too seriously. It had rained heavily in Nassau the night before, so there were plenty of deep puddles on the road. Carmine drove right through them, warning us to look out in case any water got inside the van. A little did, but not much. Afterwards we went to see the pirate museum. It may have been small, but the exhibits were nicely done.  Cynthia found plenty of information about the history of pirating in the area. Next thing we knew, it was time to hurry back to the ship.

As we were leaving we got a glimpse of The Atlantis Resort. I love photographing interesting architecture, and Nassau has plenty of it. I also enjoy taking photos from a boat. It creates an interesting, and more unique, point of view. It’s one of my personal favorite photos. To see more of my photography please visit my other website at


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