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The Maui Mystery Tree

I stumbled on this rather interesting tree as I was walking along the Maui shoreline. It had an intriguing shape, so I of course had to take a photo. When I returned home I thought it might be a banyan tree. Later on, I saw a video about the Lahaina Banyan tree, which is now recovering from the fire. However, this mysterious little tree didn’t look like a banyan tree at all.

I then posted the photo on Facebook, asking if anyone knew what kind of tree it was. No one really knew. It truly is a mystery. All I can say is it has an interesting shape, and I didn’t see any other trees on Maui that looked like it. It reminds me of a Joshua tree, but Joshua trees are a desert tree. They’re found in the high deserts in the southwestern mainland, not Hawaii. The origin of this tree remains a mystery. 

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Gayle Martin


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