The New Gayle Martin Photographer Website

As you may have noticed, this site has had a major facelift and I want to give a big shoutout to Valerie Lancaster at Wowser Web Design. As I’m learning more about being an art photographer I began realizing I needed more than just a blog, and Valerie created an awesome new website for me.

While Valerie was creating my new website I was away working on a new book. As some of you may already know, I’m also an author. I write contemporary romance novels under the name Marina Martindale, and for the past few weeks I’ve been busy finishing up my latest novel. Now that it’s finally launched, it’s time to get back into photography. I’m also going to overhaul this blog. Now that I have a complete website, I’m going to go back and tell more about the stories behind the photos. Afterall, photography is visual storytelling, and I’m nothing if not a storyteller.

Stay tuned.