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Vintage Wales

© 2020 by Gayle Martin. All Rights Reserved.

I’m still working on my 35mm project and have restored more of my vintage photos. This small series is part of a bigger series I took in the United Kingdom back in 1987. I was on one of those guided bus tours where they showed you as much of the country as they could, which was good, but you had to be quick on draw with your camera shutter. The tour included Wales, but we were only there for one afternoon. If I should ever have the chance to return to the UK, I definitely want to spend more time in Wales. It’s a scenic mountainous region which doesn’t appear to be as much of a tourist destination as other parts of the UK, which makes it a photographer’s dream. Thankfully, I was able to get a few good shots while I was there.

Gayle Martin

© 2020 by Gayle Martin. All Rights Reserved.