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Wales Revisited

Photo by Gayle Martin.

I took my first trip to the United Kingdom in the summer of 1987. It was a ten-day guided bus tour of England and Scotland. Naturally, I brought along my 35mm SLR camera, along with plenty of film. I even packed my film in a special x-ray proof bag. I got some amazing shots while I was there. Unfortunately, some of the images have deteriorated over time. If only we’d had digital photography back then. 

As we made our way north to Scotland we made a brief stop somewhere in Wales. The Welsh countryside is beautiful with lots of mountains. I wish we’d spent more time there, but I did manage to get a couple of good shots. The first is a train station The second is a hotel. I had to take both through the bus window, although I used a polarizing lens to filter out the refection from the glass. It worked perfectly, much to my relief.

I had to do a lot of hit and miss photography on this trip, but, thankfully, most of my hits turned out nicely. Unfortunately, not all of them could be restored. 

Gayle Martin


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