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White Sands Sunset Part 2

Good photography requires both patience and persistence. It took several tries for me to get the photos I wanted at White Sands National Park near Alamogordo, New Mexico. Having a friend come along to help with your equipment and keep you company helps too. Especially on windy day. In a location with a lot of sand. For me, the wind was an asset. It created beautiful ripples in the sand. It also erased our tracks, and other people’s tracks as well. 

As I’ve mentioned before, White Sands is a challenging location. As the name implies, it’s all white sand. There isn’t much color. It’s also very crowded.  Fortunately, I’m pretty good at shooting around a crowd. However, the blowing sand isn’t exactly pleasant. It’s also hard on camera equipment. We spent most of our time in a little picnic shelter, giving me a base to work from. I’d run out, take a few shots, and then run back into the little shelter. Thankfully, my patience paid off. I got not one, but two amazing sunset shots. 

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